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Wednesday, 17-Aug-2011 01:48 Email | Share | | Bookmark
How to Unlock an HTC Touch Phone

Nowadays owning a smartphone is like having a computer in the palm of your hand, and the HTC Touch screen phone is no exception. Primarily running the Windows program and utilizing touch-screen technology, the HTC Touch is easy to use and technologically advanced. You can surf the Internet, run desktop computer programs, listen to music and watch movies, all on the HTC Touch. However, all of these features are useless if you can’t access the phone. So if you’re out of your network and want to get your phone unlocked, here’s how.

1 . Open the web browser on your PC (HTC phones are only compatible with the Windows operating program), navigate to htcpocketpcunlocker.com and click on the “HTC Unlock Code” tab at the top of the screen.

2. Select “HTC Touch” from the drop-down menu at the top of the window.

3. Input your phone’s IMEI number in the box. You can access the IMEI number by pressing “#06#” on your phone’s keypad.

4. Enter your service provider in the “Current Network” box under the IMEI box.

5. Click “Order Unlock Code” and wait for the code to be sent. Once you’ve received the code, input it in the “Unlock Phone” screen on your HTC Touch. Your HTC Touch should now be unlocked.

Tuesday, 16-Aug-2011 02:20 Email | Share | | Bookmark
How to Use a Cell Phone as a TV Remote

Newer cell phones have many applications that can be used to control other electronics or devices–including a television. This feature is not available on most cell phones, but can come in really handy if you frequently lose your television remote or are just looking for a way to condense technology into one gadget. This task isn’t hard to accomplish, but having your television codes and cell phone user manual will help this go a lot faster.

Things You’ll Need

Mobile phone (BlackBerry or iPhone)
Internet connection
Television user manual
Mobile phone user manual

1. Download the application, available for iPhone through the App store. Open iTunes on your computer, choose “iTunes Store” toward the left of the screen, and then choose “App Store.” Type “Remote Control” into the search bar and choose the application that will work best for you and your phone. If you own a BlackBerry, chances are you already have this application downloaded or available on your phone.

2. Connect your phone to your computer. Select “My Devices” in the iTunes program, “Applications” and check the box next to the applications you just downloaded. In the lower righthand corner, choose the “Sync” button in the program window and wait for the application to be transferred to your iPhone.

3. Obtain the television programming code from your cell phone user manual. You can’t use just any code; each make or model has a different code used to program a television.

4. Locate the “Menu” button on the front of the television next to the “Power” button and press it. Then select the “TV Remote” under the “Menu” screen.

5. Point your cell phone toward the television set and type in the programming code and choose “OK” when finished.

6. Press the “Power” button on the remote control. If done correctly, the TV should turn off. Locate the “TV Controls” button on your cell phone and a remote control will appear on the screen of your cell phone.

7. Press the buttons on the screen of your cell phone to change channels, adjust volume, and power your television on and off.

Monday, 15-Aug-2011 01:50 Email | Share | | Bookmark
The way to paste the protection film

Maybe you have the experience that whether the computer or the touch screen cell phone, if you use the machine for a long time, the touch screen will be very dirty, and it also make us very uncomfortable, so you need to use something to protect the screen, to paste a protection film will be a perfect choice for you. Here we will tell you the method to paste the protection film well.

First, to wash your hands, make sure that your hands are far away from dust and oil.

Second, use the glasses cloth and camera cloth to wipe the surface of the machine with some clean water, to clean up the dust and fingerprint or other dirty things of the surface, it doesn’t matter if you don’t have the glasses cloth or the camera clothes, a piece of soft cloth is also suitable for you to wipe the surface. If the screen is too dirty, you should use some non-corrosive cleaning fluid to clean up the screen, please remember that don’t use alcohol or other corrosive liquid to clean up the screen. Please waiting for the machine surface become dry after cleaning up the screen.

Third, tear the protection film, paste the protect film to the machine, please be very careful.

Fourth, when pasting the protection screen, please in a stable speed, when it appear bubbles, please pull it a little back, to make sure that there is no bubbles in the surface of the machine. At the same time, you can use the elongated tools, such as the rules, the bus card and so on, for use these tools it can reduce the bubbles of the surface.

Fifth, after pasting the protection film, to revise bubbles of part areas again. Use the rules and bus cards or other tools to reduce the bubbles of the surface, it will be very good for you to reduce the bubbles of the screen.

Here is the basic method of pasting the protection film, hope it will help you a lot and reduce the trouble of pasting the protection screen. A protection film will be a very good prtection of our machine, having this, we can use our machine for a long time.

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The standard to judge the speaker

If you want to judge whether a speaker is good or not, there are some methods for you to choose, here we will introduce some different sound types for you to know something that more about the speakers, hope it will help you a lot.

1. Three-dimensional
It is mainly made up with the sound sense of space (around a sense), position sense (sense of direction), layering (thick sense), etc. Having this sound senses, it is called three-dimensional. Almost all sounds of the nature has three-dimensional, it is the the most important feature to analog sound. According to the physiological characteristics of the human ear, to proper control and handle the sound strength, delay, reverb, spatial effects, etc. To manufacture some of the time difference, the phase difference, sound pressure of the ear so that people can judge the three-dimensional. Compared with mono sound, the stereo sound always has the distribution volume of each part properly, high-resolution, low background noise characteristics.

2. Orientation sense
If the sound is sent from different directions: left and right, up and down, front and back, the received sound can replay the original sound, and it is the orientation sense. According to the theory of the ear, the orientation sensor is very important for all of us, so it is a very good fact to judge the quality of the speaker.

3. Space sense
Although the time reflections and multiple reflections arrive later when compared with the direct sound, it has no difference to the sound direction, and the reflections always arrive from all directions, and it has a great effect to judge the size of the space, the sense that surrounded sense that by the ear, it is the space sense. So the space sense is more important than the orientation sense.

4. Layering sense
Sound high, medium and low frequency response balance, treble harmonics rich, clear and thin rather than harsh, bright tenor prominent, full enrichment but not stiff, thick bass without nasals.

5. Thickness Sense
Steady and strong bass, heavy thick but not muddy, the treble is not lacking in volume is moderate, there is a certain brightness, reverb appropriate distortion.

Apart from these senses, there are also some other senses, hope all of the senses will help you to buy a very good speaker.

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Android brush notes and steps

Every thing has its our rules, know this rules will help you very much and save you much trouble. The same with Android brush, know some basic rules of brush Android, it will be very simple for you to brush Android phone.

Attentions for Android brush:
1. To find a ROM that is suitable for your cell phone model, has a stable function, consume less battery power.
2. Check the required version of ROM brush (SPL、Radio、Recovery version), such as: SPL1.33、Radio3.22、Recovery1.6.2. There is a one button transfer tool is very suitable.
3. Meet the requirement of Android brush, and has a suitable ROM version, then you can start to brush Android phone.

Seven steps of Android brush:
1. The method to enter fastboot mode: in the state of shut down, press the backspace button and shut down button for a long time.
2. The method to check the SPL, Radio version: enter fastboot mode, it has a display.
3. The usage of RadioSwitchGUI: install IAVA on PC, the cell phone enter the fastboot environment, connect USB data cable to PC, run WinRun.bat.
4. fastboot mode, connect USB, install drive program: if you can not find suitable drive program, so to install HTC Sync for all HTC Android Phones, drive included.
5. Enter recovery mode to brush Android phone: in the state of shut down, to press Home button and shut down button for a long time. If press the button for a long time for a long time, it appear a exclamation mark and cell phone picture, the reason is the recovery version is too old, if your press the answer button and hold button at the same time, then press Home press and shut down button to enter recovery mode. If this situation happens, please suggest upgrade recovery to 1.6.2.
6. After entering recovery mode, executive WIPE at first, WIPE all options for one time, then enter flash zip from sdcard, then to brush the phone according to the orders. For example, first ROM, then PORT, later Google patch. (copy the downloaded ROM, PORT, Google patch files to SD card).
7. Make a copy of contact and messages before brushing the cell phone, the contact can arrive Google at the same time. If you use the old version, the message has backup and restore functions, you had better not use this function, because if brush into Android 2.2, maybe it will lose the backup restore function, so to find a third-party to copy the message.

Here provide some tips for Android brush, hope it will help you a lot.

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